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Plan ahead the vision of the programs that you are most interested in a simple and intuitive way.

Cisana TV+ includes listings of all United Kingdom DTT and UK Sky channels.

Complete schedules for 7 days of each broadcaster. A convenient timeline for an overview of the schedule.

The program plots will help you choose the broadcast to watch. Cisana TV+ gives you the possibility to set a reminder for a program on your smartphone’s calendar or a notification, to see plots, cast and reviews on IMDb, Wikipedia and to share with friends the card of a transmission.

In a fraction of a second, search for titles and program descriptions of over 500 channels throughout the weekly schedule. Want to know when a match will be broadcast? When will the replica of a TV series air? Now it’s easy!



All DTT digital terrestrial channels and Sky channels for the United Kingdom.

Very fast

Made in order to access TV listings easily and quickly.

TV programs for 7 days

Schedules for a whole week.

Notifications and calendar

In order not to lose what you are interested in, it is possible to add the transmission to the telephone calendar and set up notifications with a predetermined advance time.


Quickly share an interesting program to your friends.

Favourite channels

Ability to choose, sort and view only your favorite channels.

Night mode

You can choose between light or dark background. The latter is particularly suitable for not dazzling your eyes in the evening!


With a click you have at your fingertips the insights of Wikipedia, IMDb, Google on film and TV series. For the films, the vote is displayed to help you choose whether they deserve to be seen.


Timeline for an overview of the programs on the air at this time and in the coming hours.

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